• 2 Rounds In Medco Holdings, Inc.

    2 Rounds In Medco Holdings, Inc.

    Medco Holdings, Inc. (MED) provided us with two easy-to-capture trades in the past. The first one was when it broke out from a long term consolidation. Even before its initial breakout, we were already expecting it to pop to the upside as it was already silently approaching its prior resistance at Php0.80. Following its break,

  • Surfed Cyber Bay (CYBR)

    Surfed Cyber Bay (CYBR)

    Cyber Bay Corporation (CYBR), after breaking out from a bigger bullish reversal that resembles a complex rounding bottom or an asymmetrical inverted head and shoulders, had indeed reached its adjusted goal of Php0.80. In the next several days or weeks, however, the stock may temporarily soften. You see, its close proximity from its resistance at

  • Bottom-fishing Netted 23% On Vista Land (VLL)

    Bottom-fishing Netted 23% On Vista Land (VLL)

    In our Equity Advisor issue last January 27, 2016, we noted that Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. (VLL) have already found the bottom of its slide and that it would soon start to make a recovery and aim for Php3.88 to Php5.00. Since that time, the stock has indeed recovered and is now up 23%.