• Cosco Capital: A “Cheaper” Entry To Puregold

    Cosco Capital: A “Cheaper” Entry To Puregold

    Puregold Price Club, Inc. (PGOLD) has recently rallied by 25% since its low of Php36.00 on the back of a robust outlook towards the retail consumer space. A lot of institutional investors are banking that the comprehensive tax reform that the government is currently pushing will induce more personal consumption as it aims to reduce

  • Found Gold in Puregold

    Found Gold in Puregold

    In our Equity Advisor issue last July 7, 2016, we noted that Puregold Price Club, Inc. (PGOLD) had placed itself en route to revisit its all-time peak at Php48.50. This was so as the stock had just escaped a near term consolidation at around that time. Looking at its chart, one can see that PGOLD