About the Class

Our course is aimed to provide you with a deeper understanding on how stock trading and forex technical analysis work. We don’t just teach you to buy and sell based on the patterns or signals you see. We teach you why these patterns are happening, why it is best to buy and sell at certain levels and what the psychology is behind different market movements. Using our real life trading experiences and updated examples and commentaries, we will help you recognize opportunities in the market and learn how to successfully catch these opportunities with time-tested investing and trading tactics.

  • Experienced Trainer – The trainer for the class is Ron Acoba, a successful investment strategist and a former fund manager and equity dealer for top financial institutions.
  • Tested Concepts – We use actual examples and on the spot analysis so students can see effective technical concepts being applied during the class.
  • Hands-On Learning – Every students will definitely learn a lot from the class as we apply trading concepts and chart reading skills through different hands-on exercises.
  • After-Class Support – We enjoy seeing our students succeed so we welcome any questions and provide further support to our students even after class.

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What You Will Learn

  • Psychology of Technical Analysis – Understand why patterns form and how technical analysis work.
  • Trend Analysis – Know where the market is going by identifying trends and important levels.
  • Chart Pattern Recognition – Learn about different patterns used to forecast future price trends.
  • Candlestick Charting – Understand the psychology behind the candlesticks and know when the price will turn.
  • Effective Charting Tools – Be aware of the different tools found in your charting software.
  • Reading Indicators and Oscillators – Get to know the indicators we find effective and how we use them properly.
  • Price Forecasting – Learn how to estimate target prices.
  • Entry and Exit Strategy – Know when to best buy and sell your security.
  • Portfolio Management – Apply proper portfolio management to maximize earning potential.
  • PSE Stocks and Forex Analysis– On the spot analysis for anyone who have questions.
  • Intermarket Analysis – How different markets affect each other and how other markets impact on the local market.


What Else You Will Get

  • The 2-day course is inclusive of food, coffee, and training materials for 2 days and unlimited after class online support so you can ask our team if you have further questions even after the class.

Training Fee


  • Regular Rate: Php10,000


Confirm your slot


  • Contact us via phone, text, email, or the message box  if there are still available slots.
  • Deposit the training fee to: BPI – Growth Avenue Consultancy Co. (#4043-0775-41)
  • Send us a copy of the deposit slip to: char@tradingedgeconsultancy.com
  • We will send you a confirmation email with in 48 hours.
  • Show up in class on time! 🙂


What Students Are Saying


RonRagasa1“I attended the Technical Analysis Course and recovered my payment after the second session in just one trade and I still earn form it. Trading Edge’s Techie Course is the best investment I’ve ever made.” – Ron Ragasa

KarlVargas1 “Good that the speaker cites certain examples to explain a point. Also that he cites certain undertakings he himself went through. Keep up the good work!” – Karl Vargas


“Topics discussed during the course were very useful. I like how we practiced planning for trades during the session. Tips and techniques taught were very applicable!” – Glynis Gaerlan

MilesSy1“Trading Edge Consultancy taught me to read charts and how to plan before investing in a stock in order to maximize profit and minimize loss. I recommend this class because the organizing team is very helpful in giving advice about stock investments even when outside the class.” – Miles Sy