About the Class


Learn what forex trading is all about in our Forex for Beginners Class! This forex trading crash course will cover everything you will need to get started. Learn how to trade forex here in the Philippines and how you can earn from both rising and falling prices.

The class is also suitable for stock market traders who wants to diversify into forex trading. For those who want to understand the currencies market, the platform, and the different analyses used to trade this market profitably, contact us here!

The speaker, Ron Acoba, is among the few forex trading experts in the Philippines with affiliations and accreditations from world renowned organizations.


What You Will Learn


  • Stock Market vs. Forex Market
  • How to make money from forex trading
  • Requirements to start forex trading
  • Best and worst times to trade forex
  • How to read quotes and how to place orders
  • How to navigate the trading platform
  • How to be successful in this venture
  • Basic analysis and chart reading to catch trading opportunities


Why Learn Forex Trading


  • Largest financial market in the world: Anyone can learn forex trading
  • 24 hour market: You can trade at night or on your spare time
  • Very liquid: There will always be buyers and sellers since you’re trading currencies
  • Low transaction cost: Brokers don’t get commissions on top of the spread
  • You can profit even if the price is going up or going down
  • Forex is a legit extra source of income online – you can do this part time!


What Else You Will Get


The class is inclusive of snacks, training materials and unlimited online support so you can ask our team anything even after the class.


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Email: char@tradingedgeconsultancy.com

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