About the Service:

The Trading Edge Equity Advisor is everything you need to successfully manage your stock portfolio. This investment advisory service is created for hard working individuals, who after a long day at work, finds it hard to research on stocks. Get a chance to use the same data that big financial institutions are using. With our fundamental and technical picks that are screened by our internationally accredited team of analysts, our unbiased advice is suited for both long term and short term investors and traders. Contact us today!

  • Growth Oriented – The Equity Advisor focuses on portfolio growth featuring stocks that has a high potential for appreciation over a short to long term period.
  • Institutional Quality – Data and analysis are superior enough for brokers and private institutional funds who are already subscribed to the Equity Advisor.
  • Unbiased Analysis – We use fundamental and technical analysis and present each data with reason and explanation. We do not get commissions for any stock trade you make.
  • Highly Educational – Continuously reading the Equity Advisor would help you understand how stock analysis works in real time which could develop your investing and trading skills.


What You Will Get:

These are the list of services you would get once you subscribe: Top fundamental and technical stock picks based on our analysis, consensus target prices of stocks from foreign and top local brokers, timely technical features for short term traders, weekly valuation report to screen out expensive stocks, and expert advise from our team of qualified stock trading analysts.

  • Top Stock Picks – Get our top stock picks based on fundamental analysis for high capital growth and maximum profit potentials. Helpful for investors with a longer time horizon.
  • Consensus Target Price – Get the average target price of PSE stocks from over 15 foreign and top local brokers and know how much these big financial institutions value stocks. Data here are not available to retail investors but you will have access to it through our Equity Advisor.
  • Timely Technical Features – Get our technical picks and analysis spoon-fed to you with chart descriptions, buy and sell levels, and technical target prices. Helpful for traders who has a shorter time horizon.
  • Weekly Valuation Report – Know which stocks are relatively cheap and undervalued compared to its direct competitors in the same industry. We use industry projected estimate values and not historical values. Best used for screening out expensive stocks.


What Subscribers Say:
Trading Edge’s services has helped me understand entry and limits in the market. People always talk about timing. Trading Edge gives you a chance to actually apply it.
Alfred A., June 2015

Alfred A.

Been a subscriber with Trading Edge Consultancy for the past 2 years. Their frequent and comprehensive reports are very helpful to me when making decisions about my investments. I also like the after sales service/consultancy they provide. Responses are quick and concise.
Melissa M., June 2015

Melissa M.

I like how the products are very organized and that Trading Edge provides timely and accurate reports.
Bingo S., July 2015

Bingo S.

Trading Edge has been my trusted adviser for the last 2 years. I realized that gut feel and luck are not the reason behind stock trading success — it’s actually the ability to discern an approach from trends and market movements. And this is where I value the advise from Trading Edge.
Ralph M., August 2015

Ralph M.


Subscription Plans:
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