What Our Students & Subscribers Are Saying:

Trades are great thanks to Trading Edge’s up to date alerts and recommendations. In addition, they have a mentor who drives the students to learn and become independent traders. 🙂
Eric H.
Since I attended the seminar/training about stock trading, I have a significant improvement in my gains. The tips I received in my subscription help a lot in identifying stocks to buy, at what price to get in and to sell. Its worry-free for me. And because of this strategy, I am now a MILLIONAIRE! Thanks a lot trading edge and the market!
Renato T.
A friend introduced me to Trading Edge sometime 2013 and I decided to subscribe by then. I am not an active trader, but I have been truly satisfied with how Sir Ron advises us on managing our portfolios. Likewise, I’ve learned so much from his two-day training on Technical Analysis and has helped me a lot on how to analyze stocks better. Congratulations, Trading Edge and thanks for all the help!
Glenn A.
I have been on a winning streak so far from MRC (twice since last year), STI, MED, TUGS, PPC and MCP. This is a huge feat since I started actively trading last year and would not have been possible if not for the Trading Edge team. Currently running at 45% ytd (June 1, 2017) and still well positioned on potential plays. I’m very thankful to Sir Ron for always responding to my never ending curiosity in trading set ups and risk management. You don’t know how huge your advices have been and its impact especially on the financial health of our family. More power to the Trading Edge team and may more students learn and embrace the ‘edge’ that you provide. God bless!
Dennis M.
Your subscription is superb, they are always ahead of the game. trade tips are carefully written before they release it to us that is why most of them hits the target price. Market is sometimes unpredictable, no one in the world can really do it 100% that is why we always have an entry and exit strategy that minimizes loss while maximizing the rewards.
Elmar F.
Sulit yung subscription ko kay Ron Acoba. Kahit medyo busy sa trabaho, na manage ko pa rin mag trade at kumita. Traded monster stocks like VITA, MRC, and ION. Salamat sa Trading Edge.
Roland B.
So far i’m happy with your subscription service nabawi ko na lahat ng losses ko haha thank you so much akala ko hindi na makakabangon port ko haha. i tried to subscribe before hand sa ibang subscription pero medyo system of trading nila is trailing stop loss and yun iba naman too sensitive ang pgcutloss. Dito at least for you we don’t need to really monitor every minute and day. pwede nang  Overall, port gain ko YTD (June 2017) is around 40% thanks to your reco. pero for last month halos no movement din haha imi and rlt mostly din ako nakalagay. minimal gains palang. Pero the technical course really opened my understanding of stocks and gano kasimple lang dapat ang analysis. I managed to buy a hongkong stock (ping an) ngbreakout naman 9% gain to date but sold it nadin medyo weak candle na eh haha nakatsamba.
Jay T.

I attended a short seminar by Col Financial way back in 2012 and after that seminar I decided to invest money in the stock market. For the first 2 years I really didn’t know what I was doing, I kept on investing on bluechip stocks because they said that these were the safe stocks. I also kept buying stocks that some people were hyping up, not knowing that the prices are already high or overbought. After 2 years, my portfolio was down 30%, and at this moment I almost decided to quit since I felt that trading is really not for me.


Around 2015, my girlfriend told me about Trading Edge Consultancy, she said that it could help me make better calls and that I might be able to regain what I lost from my previous years of trading. At first I was skeptical because I was already down so much, and I was scared to invest more money but in the end I decided to give it a shot. I subscribed to Trading Edge’s news letter and became a member of their group. There I learned the basics by just looking how they analyze the charts and the fundamentals. It also pushed me to study more about stock trading, every time they talked about something I did not understand, I would just google everything and study it. I kept an eye on all of their calls, to see when I should buy and when I should exit. By the end of 2015, my portfolio was only down 10%, by the first quarter of 2016, my portfolio was already break even.


With the help of trading edge I was able to regain all that I have lost in the first two years. In 2016 my gain was 110%, and now in 2017 I am doing 20+%. Trading edge has really done a lot in helping me make smarter trades. This company made my life much easier and I would really recommend subscribing with them.

Nathan L.
I have improved  my trading & recover my losses. Thanks to trading edge simplicity of their technical analysis. More than 3 years following their technical picks. Just last month (May 2017) I earned 80%.
Paul Z.