• 2 Rounds In Medco Holdings, Inc.

    2 Rounds In Medco Holdings, Inc.

    Medco Holdings, Inc. (MED) provided us with two easy-to-capture trades in the past. The first one was when it broke out from a long term consolidation. Even before its initial breakout, we were already expecting it to pop to the upside as it was already silently approaching its prior resistance at Php0.80. Following its break, its measured goal of Php1.40 was indeed hit inside 2 days.. a phenomenon that is common from a multi-year pattern break. The second break was a bounce play when it rallied off its prior resistance at the Php0.75 to Php0.80 zone.

    Moving forward, MED may continue to trade sideways with an upward bias as it trades along its key support at the resistance of a previous consolidation. Buying activities around its present zone could shore up the stock and perhaps send it back to the Php1.00 area again. Caveat.

    For its previous set-up as mentioned above, kindly see below for reference:

    MED write-up from the Trading Edge Equity Advisor:

    October 16, 2016

    Medco Holdings, Inc. (MED) may once again be at play in the next couple of weeks. As you can see from its chart, the stock appears to have found a support at its prior resistance at Php0.74. A floor nearby plus a presence of a bullish hammer candle in its weekly setting indicate that the stock may rally and perhaps head to Php1.00 to Php1.02 again.


    MED write-up from the Trading Edge Equity Advisor:

    September 1, 2016

    Medco Holdings, Inc. (MED) will likely see an expansion in its market capitalization in the very near term. This is so as the stock has just broken out from a decade lone rectangle formation. Notice also that its break happened to be accompanied by a huge amount of market participation. Given its break and its ability to close at its ceiling price of Php1.21, MED may therefore likely extend its rise and aim for at least Php1.40.



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